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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Movie of the perfomance Blu-ray Disk 10 minuts each 2001-2013

Footage of a performance entering and merging into the landscapes of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter.
These are Japan's nameless landscapes that could exist or might have once existed anywhere. In the past, people used to sense
the awe and mystery of plants and shadows swaying in the wind, and through projections of the imagination, they gave birth to myths and animism.
The performance footage depicts things that are discovered in the fragmented landscapes of the present age: the transitions of the seasons,
which has be repeated over and over since the primeval past, and time itself.
Mr.Spring Day, who is lurking in the fields of rape flowers. Mr.In the Bamboo from the lush bamboo thicket.
Mr. Pampas grass field from the swaying fields of pampas grass. Mr.Under the snow, who is nestled in the fields of snow.
These scenes, which I visited and photographed each season, while not as warm and fuzzy as the folklore that is transmitted to the land,
act as allegories of a somewhat eerie and alien foreignness and absence.

Copyright ©2007 jun honma // all right reserved